Did you see that?

There has been a lot of development in the short stories and we want to make sure you have had a chance to see it all. There are many interesting facts that you may want to take a second look at. I especially like the old totem pole that is in the turnaround near the kitchen. Did you see that one? If you didn’t or even if you did, why not take a second and have a second look at the early years of camp.


Camp Tarion


A Story that most of you have never seen (Camp Tarion Memory book)


Norman J Gould


Harry Weart


The Honorable Nathan D. Lapham


The Transition for Camp Tarion


The Camp Property before there was a Camp


Birton Babcock and Harry Hovey


The Dedication of Camp


The 1930’s as told by Skip Cepuch


Thank You letters to Mr. Babcock and Mr. Hovey


The 1940’s as told by Skip Cepuch


The Legend of Bigfoot as told by Skip


Post Cards from the 1940’s


Skip Cepuch


Newsletter from 1943 – The Red Cedar Whispers


The Wooden Anniversary and the Babcock Chapel

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