#4 Harry Weart

Harry Weart was born in Sandy Creek, NY in 1881. After Serving with the U.S. Army in France during World War I, he attended Syracuse University, graduating as a mechanical engineer in 1923. He was the superintendent of number 2 shop.

In 1922, he was married and had two sons. Harry Walton “Wally” Weart was very active in Scouting. He was an Eagle Scout in Troop 80 and became a professor in Missouri. David Weart is a real estate broker in Naples, NY.

He served as Mayor of Seneca Falls and on the town committee. He was also an elder of the Presbyterian church.

He Served as Camp Babcock-Hovey Development chairman from 1937 to 1952. He received the Silver Beaver Award and also served as District Commisioner. There is a monument on the parade field at camp in memory of Mr. Weart. He Died in the 1960’s.

(As Posted in the Camp Babcock Hovey Golden Jubilee Commemorative Book)

Editors Note- The monument crumbled during the 2000’s and the attached sundial was removed for safe keeping. There are plans in place to replace the Sundial soon.

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