Yolanda Prints

Thirteen original pen and ink drawings by Yolanda Schofield  are currently housed at the Scout Service Center. The location of the original for 1A is unknown. They are titled as follows-

1) Finger Lakes Council, BSA Gateway – 1976

1A) Finger Lakes Council, BSA Gateway Update – 1990’s (Location of Original Unknown)Yolanda Print Redo

2) Cayuga Campsite – Camp Babcock-Hovey. BSA – 1976

3) Interlude – Camp Babcock-Hovey 1978

4) Waterfront – Camp Babcock-Hovey 1978

5) A New Beginning – The New Scout Office 1987

6) Sailboats, Babcock-Hovey Lakefront – 1992

7) Lakefront – Camp Babcock-Hovey – 1993

8) Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Scouting in the Finger Lakes – 1995


10) The Fire Alter, Site of Sunday night campfires… Camp Babcock-Hovey – 1998

11) The Dinning Hall at Camp Babcock-Hovey, yesterday’s Memory-Tomorrow’s tradition – 1999

12) The Road Down to the Lake – 2002

13) “Lead me Oh Lord” The Chapel in BSA Camp Babcock-Hovey 2008

Yolanda Chapel

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