Program Ideas and Forms

Program Ideas – Click here for fun program ideas at Camp Babcock-Hovey


Course Clue Sheets – All

Orienteering Punch Card

1st Class A – completes the requirements for First Class

1st Class B – completes the requirements for First Class

White A  – Easy Course

White B – Easy Course

Yellow – Medium Hard Course

Orange A  – Hard Course

Orange B  – Hard Course

Orienteering Answer Sheets – All – (Restricted item email and he will email to the Scoutmaster)


2016-2020 Camp Babcock-Hovey Conservation Plan

Conservation Projects 2016

Forestry Stewardship Plan Camp Babcock-Hovey

Forestry Map Camp Babcock-Hovey

Birds at Camp Babcock-Hovey

Amphibian Pond at Camp Babcock-Hovey

Self Guided Nature Trail – Owl Trail

Invasive Species-Plants at Camp Babcock-Hovey

Poolers Pond Map for Fishing

Fish in Poolers Pond

Other Program-

Geocaches at Camp Babcock-Hovey

Official Geocache at Camp Babcock-Hovey

Bouldering Wall Instructions (Must have a council approved facilitator)

Archery Range Directions (Must have a council approved range officer)

5 Mile Hike in Camp Babcock-Hovey

Frisbee Golf Course at Camp Babcock-Hovey

Camp History

Sampson Lake Shore Trail


Current Camp Map

All Season Camping at Camp Babcock-Hovey

Campmaster Program Cover Page

Directions to Hospital

Directions to Camp

Camp Babcock-Hovey Sleeping Facilities Available for Rental

Weekly Campmaster’s Report

Check-In/Check-Out List

Camp Regulations

Leader’s Meeting

Unit Roster

Firewood Regulations

2022 Raccoon Work Weekend Flyer

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