Sponsor A Campsite

The Camp Babcock-Hovey Alumni Association is raising funds to help redevelop all of our Summer Camp Campsites. Having top notch campsites allows us to attract and retain troops for the summer camp season and off-season. Projects include upgrading the electrical connections, adding two picnic shelters to each site, improving campfire areas, installing new picnic tables, installing new flag poles as needed, and upgrading the tents and platforms.

We need your help!!!!! Any donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated.


For a donation of the amount listed below a plaque will be added sponsoring that item with a name of your choosing. We will be in touch for wording on plaques at the $500 level and above.

$100 Tent          $250 Picnic Table          $500 Flag Pole

$1,000 Campfire Area          $2,500 Shelter           $5,000 Latrine

To make a donation please see the form at the following link-

Sponsor a Campsite

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