#10 The 1930’s as told by Skip Cepuch with historical edits

When camp first opened there was only the dining hall (2012 – south wing, center section and ½ of north wing), the outdoor shower building (2012 – concrete slab between Memorial Lodge and Mohawk campsite on south side of access road), the maintenance building (2012-only the garage bay and one section to the east, western section added at a latter time), the present Chaplain’s Quarters (1987) that served as a trading post and handicraft building (2012 – Memorial Lodge), a wooden boat house (2012 – near current town pumping station) , an “F” type dock, a high lookout chair, the flag pole, the fire bell, the stone base upon which a hermits cabin had sat (2012 – stone wall is still located south of Tuscarora campsite on path to Sunday night campfire to the left), and a totem pole located in the loop of the road near our present kitchen. There were 3 sites for campers located in the same place they are today namely Mohawk, Onondaga, and Cliff Dwellers (Cayuga 2012). Staff were quartered in Oneida Site (2012- Between Eagle Lodge and Tuscarora campsite on south side of access road).

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