#13 The Legend of Bigfoot as told by Skip

Many years ago in this area lived a tribe of Indians and one giant, Bigfoot by name. Now because he was a giant he liked to pick on those smaller than himself. Now no matter what size you may be, no one likes to be picked on. But the smaller Indians did not know just how to handle the situation so they made smoke, sent out runners, and beat upon their tom-toms until finally the word reached the ears of the bravest, wisest, strongest Indian who ever lived, Hiawatha. Hiawatha came and set up camp on the West shore of Seneca Lake and observed. He noted that every afternoon Bigfoot would go for a wade in the lake. With this knowledge he set about creating a giant bow and arrow and when he was finished he waited. That afternoon right on schedule Bigfoot went for his daily wade and Hiawatha called out to him. Bigfoot turned to see who could be so rash as to call out to him. Rember the time of day and the direction Bigfoot was facing and you would have the same problem he had as the sun would get in your eyes also. What do you do when the happens? You raise your hand to shield your eyes that you may see better. Bigfoot did the same only when he did, it left his entire chest area unprotected and at that moment Hiawatha let the arrow go and it hit home. Bigfoot knew he did not have long for this earth  but plucked the arrow from his chest and hurled it upon the shore. When it first landed it was at the foot of the bluff by Mohican Campsite (Blank 2012), but time and the power of Seneca Lake have moved the arrowhead until today it is found by the road that leads to the waterfront. As you go down the hill and make the final turn, look to your left and there you will see it with its point toward the water. Close inspection of the point will reveal traces of Bigfoot’s blood. Bigfoot staggered up our North ravine falling once, his knee creating the waterfall. What do you do when you fall? You put out your hand to help you raise and Bigfoot did the same, but because he was so big he left his fingerprints imbedded upon the South Bank. They are found almost directly across from the old shower house (need to detail were). He continued up the ravine until he reached our Chapel area. Here because he was at his weakest he was also at his heaviest and left embedded upon the floor of the ravine his final footsteps. They are found by going to the Chapel and approaching the Alter (old). On you right you will find a small trail that goes along the top of the bank. Take it and look down and you will see the foot prints. Continue to the end of the trail where the hill side seems scooped out. Come to Camp in the early Spring and look at this hillside for it will be red as Bigfoot’s blood seeps back through the earth once again.

(As written by Skip Cepuch)

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