#17 The Wooden Anniversary and the Babcock Chapel

1944 was the wooden anniversary of the opening of camp. The “Babcock Memorial Chapel” was dedicated and Penn Yan Lodge made its way into camp. The “Babcock Memorial Chapel” was a gift of Mrs. Alice Bailey of Phelps. Mrs. Bailey and Wooster College were both benefactors in Babcock’s will. Penn Yan lodge is the only building in camp that bears the name of a village or town. Penn Yan lodge was originally built on Rt. 54A just south of Penn Yan, in what is known as the “Rotary Forest”. It was built for the use of the scouts of Penn Yan. When Babcock-Hovey was being developed, it was decided to dismantle the lodge into sections, to be re-assembled at the new camp. Hence the name “Penn Yan Lodge”.

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Wooden Anniversary Booklet

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