#2) A story that most of you have never seen

Today’s story is about a Memory Book that most people have probably never seen because it was never part of the Babcock-Hovey Museum collection.

Rob Cunningham and the Seneca Waterways Historical Society have graciously provided a Memory Book from Camp Tarion that tells us about the summer adventures in 1926 of a Scout named George R. Wilhelm. It is not quite a journal entry, but it will give you some insight into the life of a Scout at Camp Tarion. We will get to Babcock-Hovey stories soon.

You can download the whole PDF here (Camp Tarion Memory Book), or download the individual pages here-

If you have stories or memories of your own, then email them to us so we can post them(matthewcrance@gmail.com).

We would like to mention at this time that the Babcock-Hovey Alumni Association in conjunction with the Seneca Waterways Historical Society will be transforming the Memorial Lodge at camp into a temporary scout museum for the 2012 camping season. We are hoping to have it up and running by the June Conclave at Camp Babcock-Hovey and to keep it up through the Challenge Trophy Camporee this coming October. The Displays will include items from Camp Babcock-Hovey history but also items from OA Conclavesand general Scouting History. The Seneca Waterways Historical Society has amassed an impressive collection of Scouting History, some of which will be on loan to display this summer. We would like to show our appreciation to the  Seneca Waterways Historical Society for securing the use of three display cases for the temporary museum. Thanks!!!

The next post should be up by tomorrow morning, check back soon!

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    Gee I wish my fatigue duty was to make brownies…

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