We are still updating

We have had a busy week and have been working hard at update the posts even after they were originally posted. There are several additional pictures and updates to the list. Take a second look back even if you read the post the first time around. Bill Lawence has made a very interesting comment on the post about the letter of walt. I never knew that Finger Lakes Council through Joe Davis had such a stong connection with Philmont. Jason Dunham has provided even more pictures of Walt. Matt Crance finall found the Hovey Lodge Picture he had already scanned and the Vigil list have been updated.

Hovey Lodge- (UPDATED!)


Ganeodiyo Lodge-


Ganeodiyo Lodge Vigil List (UPDATED!)


Ganeodiyo Lodge Chief’s and Advisors (UPDATED!)


J. Walter Keating (UPDATED!)


A Letter about J Walter Keating (UPDATED!) WITH NEW COMMENTS!!!


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