A Letter about Walt Keating

This is a nice treat for you that may have never seen this letter before. This letter mentions Walt Keating several times. I especially like how the Philmont Staff Association started in 1975. The Babcock Hovey Alumni Association got its start 35 years latter. I think we have a little catching up to do before we can catch to them! The Babcock-Hovey Alumni Association concept started after I visited Philmont and heard of the Philmont Staff Association.

Letter about Walt

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5 Responses to A Letter about Walt Keating

  1. I find this letter very interesting. Listed in the letter is the name Joe Davis. Joe Davis was an Eagle Scout from Boy Scout Troop 39. Joe went on to do great things in scouting including being Director of Philmont for many years. Joe was always very will to talk about his time as a scout in the Finger Lakes Council and the great life in scouting it prepared him for.
    Lots of stories in the PSA about Joe.

    Bill Lawrence

    • Steve Eldredge says:

      Each year there was a reunion banquet held for the most recent expedition as well as any other Philmont alums that cared to attend. It was traditionally held around Thanksgiving so that Joe Davis could see his family for the holidays as well as attend the reunion. Walt never failed to mention that Joe was one of our own.

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