#40) Ralph “Gramps” Hart

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Ralph was a Scout in Geneva in the 1920’s and camped at Camp Tarion as a youth. He left Scouting during the Tarion to Hovey transition (1930-1950) and came back to scouting and join the Babcock-Hovey staff in the late 1950’s. He served on the camp staff through the early 1990’s. Many Scouts and staff members where his children and grandchildren from the Phelps Clifton Springs area during the 1970’s to the 1990’s. During the summers he would stay in his “Tin Tent”. The “Tin Tent” was a 16 foot camper that would sit in the current staff area near the gramps sign post.

Ralph was an avid ham radio operator and a Geneva Cubs fan. He worked in the fine optics industry, and could use Morse code like a native.

His vigil name was Brother Chans. Ralph was the author and presenter of Brother Chans Prayer. The trail behind Hovey Lodge is named in his honor along with the archway.

Ralph died in 1994.

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