#39) The Rest of the 1960’s

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In the late 1960’s the conservation pond east of the rifle range (2012) was added and in June of 1969 the family cabins (Winter Cabins 2012) were built mostly during the Order of the Arrow ordeals. These cabins were originally called the family cabins with the idea that families could use them year round. Say a staff member had a wife and they didn’t want to be far away from her during the summer, well then they could use one of the family cabins to stay in.

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2 Responses to #39) The Rest of the 1960’s

  1. Admiral Lord says:

    In the photo where they are pouring the floor to a winter cabin, Fred Reynolds, Council Camping Chair, is to the left.

    The staff member checking the pie in the dutch oven may be Steve Button of Shortsville.

  2. Jim Waldorf says:

    The Concil Fire three T-Shirt John Kenny Waterloo, Explorer Shirt Gary Gustin Canandaigua, I think scout is Steve Reynolds PennYan

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