#41) The 1970’s

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The 1970’s were a slow period of development at camp. In 1971, the Army Corps of Engineers built the first bridge over the south ravine. This bridge only lasted for three years. No pictures are known to exist of this bridge (If any one has any we would be delighted to scan them). Pedersen Lodge was constructed in 1972 by Troop 81 in Waterloo, NY in memory of “Rusty“ Pedersen. Troop 81 was the first Troop to camp in Pedersen Lodge in Feb of 1973. Shenandoah Shelter (Trading Post 2012) was also constructed in the late 1970’s. The early 1970’s also saw the largest Scout attendance in camp, over 1,000 campers in a season.

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3 Responses to #41) The 1970’s

  1. Larry Daeffler says:

    I see several people I know Greg Cotteril, Robby Getz,Jody Benedicts,John Wendt,Myself,Dave Prosser,Dennis Jodiet,Phil Irving,Tom House,Tom Wendt,maybe Bob Keebler?

  2. Murray Henry says:

    Murray Henry here…..staff member at Hovey….1972…saying Hey to all 72 members.

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