#37) Pool and Ranger House Addition

In 1965 it was time to add on to the rangers house (Current 2012). Vern Browns family was getting bigger at this point in time. The addition is to the eastern side and is the part that has no basement under it and  just a crawl space.

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Also in 1965 as reported in the Geneva times, the local Rotarys was leading the charge to add a pool to camp –

A proposal for a swimming pool for the Rotry’s physically handicapped children’s camp was presented to Clifton Springs Rotarians this week by visiting Rotarians James Fitzgerald and George Abraham of Geneva. The visit was arranged by Dr. I. Robert Wood, Clifton Springs Rotarian and pediatrician at the Clifton Springs Hospital, who has been vitally concerned with the camp since its origin nine years ago.

“During these nine years that the physically handicapped camp program has been in operation,” Mr. Fitzgerald said, “the good that has been done by Rotary is beyond estimate.” Since its inception the number who attend these two week camp sessions has risen from 29 to 100. All types of physical maladies are represented at the camp including victims of paralysis, blindness, brittle bones, cerebral palsy, and heart disease. It takes 43 counselors to attend these children While in camp. Rut “it is the finest two weeks of their lives each year.” Mr. Fitzgerald said. These children cannot be admitted in any other type of camp in the United States.

“The swimming program is the program from which they can derive the most good,” he continued. “It teaches reliance it gives pleasure, and has a primary physical therapy value since the buoyancy of the water enables the camper to use muscles which he could net ordinarily use.”

The camping program utilizes the Boy Scout Camp, Camp Babcock-Hovey, on Seneca Lake. The children are able to go down the steep hill to the lake through the generous donation of a bus which carries them to the water’s edge. Seneca Lake, however, even in summer is cold and frequently rough. The beach is stony and the tons of sand Rotarians have poured in is washed swsy before the two weeks are completed. The dock is slippery sad dangerous for these youngsters. It is hoped that Rotarians can see their way clear to provide a swimming peel. The pool would be 25 feet wide and 71 feet long and would be designed with a ramp as well as steps so that even those in wheel chairs could get full use of the water. The pool could be utilized the fullest and would be available at all times.

The pool would be given to the Boy Scouts because it would be on their property and they would maintain it. It would repay somewhat the use of their camp and camping facilities and equipment which they have loaned to the Rotary Camp over the last nine years. A board of directors made up of members from each club have studied this extensively and have decided that this is what should be done. The pool will cost $30,000 to construct and would be made of the most durable material.

Spread out among 20 clubs if assessed by membership it would mean $25 per member, Mr. Fitzgerald said. However, each club will how the money would be raised. Decision must be reached before June 15, although the pool would not be constructed this summer.

As of the fall of 1965 the pool had become a reality and was ready for use by the 1966 summer camp season. It was dedicated in August of 1966 as reported in the Geneva Times-

With Rotary, Boy Scouts officials and friends on hand, the new $40,000 swimming pool was dedicated at Camp Babcock- Hovey yesterday afternoon. The ceremonies, held in bright sunshine, marked the culminationof years of effort by 20 Rotary Clubs, in the 712th district aided by many others. The pool will be used both by the

handicapped children campers— a Rotary project — and boy scouts each summer. Following the dedication ceremonies there was an open swim for the handicapped campers. The season—12th for the group at Babcock-Hovey—will bring to nearly 1,000 the number of nine to 15 year olds who have benefited from the annual two week programs. On the program yesterday were representatives of Rotary, the Boy Scouts, and the Easter Seal campaign which annually contributes to the handicapped program. Neil Marvin of Geneva, chairman of the board of directors of the Handicapped Children’s Camp and a former district governor of Rotary, was toast master.

Participating Rotary Clubs are in Newark, Geneva, Canandaigua, Lyons, Red Creek, Ontario, Palmyra, Clifton Springs, Dundee, Seneca Falls, Clyde, Marion, Naples, Williamson, Waterloo, Phelps, Sodus, Wolcott, Gorham, and Penn Yan.

Introduced by Mr. Marvin for remarks at the ceremony were: the Rev. Richard Manzelmanh, pastor of North Presbyterian Church in Geneva who gave the invocation; Baird Couch, representing the Easter Seal organization; Gov. Raymonds Simmons of the Rotary district; William Hoffman, representing the national scout office; and Donald Burgan, president of Finger Lakes Boy Scout Council, who accepted the pool from Rotary. Also present at the program was Cong Sam Stratton.

Children with practically any kind of physical disability are accepted at the camp for a two week period each summer. The camp provides the only time they can be with children suffering similar ills, for others it is the only time they get away from home or the doctor’s office; and for all it provides a fellowship and indoctrination of nature’s powers that will assist them to become useful citizens. There is no charge to any of the campers. In addition to the service clubs, the following were listed as donors to the project: Mr. and Mrs. Alva Bailey, Garlock Charitable Trust, Bero Construction Co., Ontario Sand and Gravel Co., Malcuria Trucking Co., Mr. and Mrs. Leon Stell, Finger Lakes Plumbing and Heating Co., Mr. and Mrs. William Widmer, Miss Sarah Mandigo, Irving Abelow Foundation. Dr. and Mrs. Carl S. Pederson, Ellis Weld, General Crushed Stone Co., Seneca Army Depot, Easter Seals Corporation, Kelloggs Pan Tree Inn, New York State Canners Association, Wickes Lumber Co. Vogt Lumber Co., John Gray, Jack Rice, Phelps Cement Products Inc., Finger Lakes Laundry, Harry Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. Cebern Lee, Caves Lumber Co., Phil Paliotti, New York Telephone Co, NSGE, Wayne County Coal Merchants, E.T. Hesser, Kordite Company, Masons and Carpenters Locals.

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