#38) Richard Becker

Sometime in 1966 Vern Brown retired and by 1967 Richard Becker was serving as the camp ranger.

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Richard was born in Seneca Falls on January,2 1934, a son of the late John and Eloise (Mc Millen) Becker. Richard was the Camp Babcock-Hovey ranger for 21 years and was a camp ranger at the Girl Scouts of America Camp in Arkport until his retirement. He was commonly referred to as Ranger Rick.

A man of many talents, Richard was a scuba instructor and worked with many branches of law enforcement. Richard was also an NRA instructor and an avid sportsman and outdoorsman. Richard was a self taught historian, archeologist, and wonderful story teller.

He was preceded in death by his loving wife of 58 years, Janet L. (Gordner) Becker whom he had five children with. His children’s names were Ron (Maureen) Becker, Randy (Helene) Becker, Sharon (Ed) Compton, Rick (Wendi) Becker, and Karen (Mark) Courtney.

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2 Responses to #38) Richard Becker

  1. Pat Thorpe says:

    I remember when that Chevy pickup was brand new. Before that Ranger Rick drove a red ’69 Dodge pickup. I believe that truck was the first 4-wheel drive pickup that the camp ever had.

  2. Admiral says:

    My best memory of Ranger Rick is when we surprised him with a Vigil callout. Dick didn’t often have anything happen in camp that he didn’t know about, but with the help of Janet, we pulled a fast one and had him in the dining hall with a fully dressed ceremonial team to call him out on Vigil weekend. “He Who Makes With His Hands” was fully deserving of the honor.

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