This photo was a donation to the Babcock-Hovey Museum this summer. It is labeled as a staff photo from the 1970’s. But what year? It looks maybe like a 2nd photo from 1977, maybe? Thats why we are asking you What-Is-It?


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4 Responses to What-Is-It-Wednesdays

  1. mjmacro says:

    This photo is not from 1970.

    Dennis Macro—Camp Director–1970

  2. I agree not 1970. It was label the 1970’s though. My guess is latter than 1975.

  3. Andy Stobie "The Colonel" says:

    Well, I’m in it on the left, and I see Skip Mullin who was the business manager for just one summer, so my guess is 1977, since the 1977 photo on the Facebook site has Skip as well..

  4. David Madison "Dolly" says:

    1977 is likely as this would have been my first year as a CIT. That may be me standing next to you Andy. Other people I remember: Neal Ross, Archery Director, in the back row next to Steve Wheeler and his assistant, Craig, also in the back row 4th from left. Then Scott Reese in the front row middle. Chap Marvin second row from top sitting on stair partially hidden on left. Then Beaver on the right next to John C and Dave ‘Band aid’ Stobie in front of Beaver. I believe I’m the young scout with the long sleeve shirt on the left.

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