#72) Picnic Shelters

2010 started the building of 10 x 20 Picnic Shelters in most of the program areas and Troop Camp sites. The first three shelters were built at Tuscarora, Trading Post and PF  in 2010. In 2011 three more were added to Cayuga, Algonquin and Delaware. No shelters were added in 2012. Two shelters were added to Mohawk Campsite in 2014. Each Shelter costs around $2,000. The hope is to add 2 to each campsite and a minimum of one to each program area with out a current pavilion or building for a total of 20 or more spread out around camp. 2011 also saw the expansion of the Scoutcraft Shelter paid for by the Camp Babcock-Hovey Alumni Association.

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