#61) 1995 The start of a Capital Campaign Drive

In 1994 we lost our favorite grandfather, Ralph Hart. Also in 1994 we lost our Chaplain, Gordon “Sandy” MacLaren. In 1995 we conducted a capital campaign for a period of four years in order to update the facilities and make Camp Babcock-Hovey the Best Boy Scout Camp in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. The first thing was a storage building in each site and at some program areas that keeps our equipment in better shape and almost eliminating trucking materials. The second thing was a vaulted latrine at every campsite and program area. And lastly the entire water system got a complete overhaul with mostly all the water lines buried and a frost free hydrant at almost all campsites for water access during the off season. This was huge as most of the water line use to run above ground and scouts use to love to take an ax and wack at it just to see what would happen.

Also during this time period a Lento was added to the Nature area (NAC 2012). This Lento was built by FLCC students from over 40 pine trees. Also added during this time period was the Archery shelter. It was donated in memory of Sheila Wellman and Janice Steiner by Troop 59.

Archery Shelter

In 1996 the main pedestrian bridge was resurfaced with pressure treated two by fours laid end to end and glued together. Also in 1996 the lakefront road was reworked. Lastly the BBQ Pit at the dining hall was donated by Troop 59 of Clifton Springs in loving memory of John Moshier, Life Scout, who dies in 1993. During this capital campaign drive we were able to get a new truck, riding mower, tractor and gator. The Winter Cabins/ Family Cabins also got an upgrade and were insulated. Lastly the foundation was laid down for a new shotgun area and money was raise to renovate Pedersen Lodge.

All this was made possible only because it received the push needed from Vic Lonsberry, who was Council President; John Coyle, who was our Council Scout Executive and Hank Roenke, who was our Camping Committee Chairman.

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