#60) 1993/1994 Lakefront Dock

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In Spring of 1993 the Old Lakefront Dock was washed away due to historically high lake levels. Several late March snowstorms coupled with more than 5 inches of rain resulted in water reportedly coming up to the floor boards of the boathouse. The dock was a complete loss. There is a piece of the old dock hanging on the wall in the boat house (Add picture). During 1993/1994 there was a fund drive to replace the dock. Many of the original donors were scouts and Scout troops. Names were engraved onto plastic plaques and placed on the dock although they did not last long. The new dock is significantly higher than the old dock to prevent it from encountering the same fate as the old dock. We would love to add pictures of the historic flood and the building of the new dock if any pictures are available just let us know and we will scan them.

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