#43) Cub Camping Area

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For those of you that have been only been in camp for less than 10 years, the Cub Camping Area might confuse you. Rarely if ever would you have ever seen a Cub Scout use the Cub Camping Area. The last time that I remember a Cub Scout using the Cub Camping Area was around the turn of the millennia when the last Cub Day Camp was held at Babcock-Hovey. But alas the Cubs are slowly returning to Camp Babcock-Hovey. Sometime around 2008 Cub Adventure Weekend starting taking place at Camp. A Link is provided here to their website – http://www.senecawaterways.org/bh/cubAdvWknd.php . Also Cub Resident camp is moving to Hovey from Dittmer in 2012. Check out their promo video here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAmEy3d5CFg. What I find interesting is that the Cub Adventure Weekend is very similar to he Cub Dad Day held at Hovey during the 1970’s. I wonder if there was any nostalgic memories of these father son days that led to the creation of Cub Adventure Weekend? Check out the newspaper article here – (PDF-1971.08.02 – Cub-dad day- The Geneva Times ). Well before I get too off track, here are some pictures from 1974 of Cubs Scouts actually using the Cub Camping Area.

PDF – 1974 Cub Camping

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