#35 ) Totem Pole

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June of 1963 the totem pole (Current 2012), made by patients at the Veterans Hospital, Canandaigua, was presented to Finger Lakes Council, Boy Scouts of America, for erection at Camp Babcock Hovey. The pole was 45 feet high and weighed 720 pounds. More than 40 patients in the occupational therapy department worked on carving and painting the project, which represents much legendary lore. Richard Bartholama was the designer. The following year many of the patients came down to camp to see the totem pole and to visit camp.

Newspaper Clippings-

1963.06.21 – Scouts accept totem Pole

1964.07.22 – VA Patients Tour Scout Camp

1970.08.07 – Pic of Totem Pole in Geneva Times

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