#29) 1954 Land Swap

April 4, 1955 – New camping area was acquired by the Finger Lakes Council, BSA according to Camp Development Chairman Harry Weart, Seneca Falls, in his announcement to the council executive board at its meeting recently in Geneva.

Nineteen acres of woodland camping area adjoining Camp Babcock-Hovey to the south have been acquired from Willard State Hospital in a trade for 19 acres of pastureland to the east of Lehigh Railroad which was part of the camp property.

This exchange was authorized by the Council Board of Directors and New York State in 1954. This new area includes the Mohican Campsite (Sunday Night Campfire 2012) and enough wooded tableland to provide an additional campsite when necessary.

PDF 1955 Land Swap

The area to the east of the railroad was considered to dangerous to access by the scouts due to the railroad and was never used by the Scouts. We are not sure the exact location the acreage came from but presumable it A) This acreage never touched the Road B) Was east of the old railroad bed C) The northern boundary was no more north than the current Camp Entrance. D) The southern boundary was no more south than the ravine next to Pooler’s Pond (2012).

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