Whatisit Wed?

Instead of pictures this Wed, I have a video that I would like to figure out what it is. We are thinking it is from the 1930-1950 timeframe and I think it is a Scoutshow, maybe in Canandaigua. It may be Finger Lakes Council or it may be the Rochester Council (You can see the Camp Pioneer truck in the background). This was on the same reel as the Camp Babcock-Hovey video posted the other day. However it is definitely not camp, the buildings in the background don’t match. So we ask you Scouters, Whatisit?

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2 Responses to Whatisit Wed?

  1. Sean says:

    Looks like a Scout Show or Expo at a Fairground

  2. Super Joe says:

    I believe the time period is mid 1940’s or before. Notice all the “knickers” and campaign hats. Didn’t see any “overseas hats.” There are some white uniformed Sea Scouts and an adult in the blue Sea Scout uniform. Too many tents(for sleeping) for it to be a “scout-o-rama type event. Nice ferris wheels. Could have been a camp-o-ree, we had one once with a complete carnival at the Palmyra Fair Grounds. Super Joe

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