Short Stories Coming Soon!

The Babcock-Hovey Alumni Association is going to attempt to tell a story; a wonderful story of a 300 acre camp on Seneca Lake near Ovid, NY. The camp is 75 years in the making but the story is not yet complete. To tell the story, we need your help.  Please correct us if we are wrong, add your own memories, and enjoy the story as it unfolds. We plan to tell it chronological in order, but we may jump around at times as new information comes forward. Since the human memory is imperfect and many of these events occurred before our life times, these memories may not be complete and perfect. We really hope that you will enjoy these post over the next few months. We are aiming for 75 different short stories in time for 75th Anniversary of Camp Babcock-Hovey on June 30, 2012. We hope we can gather as many alumni as possible to celebrating the anniversary of our beloved camp. The first short story will be coming soon.

Yours in Scouting,

Babcock-Hovey Alumni Association

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