Lakefront Renovations

Road and Boat House Renovations

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One of the most urgent projects on the to-do list is the repair of the dirt road to the lake front and the repair of the world War II Relic Boat House. Every summer, every young man and woman that attends summer camp finds themselves on their way down to the shores of Seneca Lake to experience one of the most unique opportunities the camp offers. However erosion over many year has washed away the edges of the road and rust has worn down the boat house that is in need of repair. The expected cost for the boat house repair is $12,500 and $20,000 to upgrade the road. Thanks to some generous Babcock Hovey Alumni we have already raised $10,000. Help us to help camp and donate back today.

2015 Update – The Boathouse renovation phase is complete. We are still raising money for Road repair and replacement of equipment.

Donation forms-Lakefront Redevelopment Donation

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