The Babcock-Hovey Alumni Association was formed in 2010  to serve the youth and adults who use Camp Babcock-Hovey currently and to connect with others who share our passion for the camp, no matter how long we have been away.

The purpose of the organization is to serve the camp through camp improvements and regular work in coordination with the Seneca Waterways Properties Committee.  The organization also serves the social function to gather together alumni in regular events to connect past staff, past campers, and their families.

Join if you have a passion for Camp Babcock-Hovey the “Premier Boy Scout Camp in the Finger Lakes Region of New York”.

2017-2018 Executive Committee:

  • President – Alex Peck
  • Vice President – Jason Mellen
  • Secretary – Vic Lonsberry
  • Treasurer – Hank Roenke
  • Members at Large – Bill Lawrence, Bill Tilley, Bob Purvis, Matt Crance, James Gantz
  • Immediate Past President – Jay Laitenberger

Charter Members of the Association in 2010:
Matthew Crance
Don Declerk
Jason Dunham
Eric Falkman
Jay Laitenberger
Vic Lonsberry
Admiral Lord
Ken Martin
Jason Mellen
Alexander Peck
Henry Roenke, IV
Henry Roenke, III
Tim Russell
John Side
Matt Side
Jim Spawton
Donald Tennies
Joshua Tennies
Sherri Tennies
Ed Theetge
Patrick Thorpe
Valerie Van Dongen
Conrad Wedding