Whatisit Wed? Winter Cabin Upgrades, when and who?

Whatisit? We know it is the Winter Cabin/ Family Cabin upgrade but when is it? We see many familiar faces but there are some unknown ones. Help us figure out the when and who!

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2 Responses to Whatisit Wed? Winter Cabin Upgrades, when and who?

  1. Conrad Wedding, Gene Bavis, Joe Pasquini, Ken Martin (at least I think that’s him with the screw gun in that one picture with his back to the camera), Ray Howard, Pete Heidrich, and Pete Eisenberg. That’s about all of them. There’s a couple of the outdoor pictures that have stoppers-by that are hard to identify…and I don’t know who the youth is in the one picture…but he looks familiar

  2. I don’t remember when (after 1988 for sure) but, the who I can help with.

    Pictures (labled):

    page 2 (l to R): Peter Heiderich, Ken Martin, Gene Bavis
    page 3: Joe Whitcomb (plaid shirt and overhauls)
    page 5 (l to r): Conrad Wedding, Peter Eisenberg, Ray Howard, Al Covert?, Ken Martin
    page 6 (l to r): Joe Whitcomb, someone with back to camera, Peter Heiderich, Gene Bavis, some kid

    Jason Dunham

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