#68) Goodbye Hovey Lodge

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Over the years Hovey Lodge had served camp in many different functions. By 2007 it was housing the Hovey Museum, OA Lodge and the large area served as material storage for the camp ranger. Hovey Lodge was not insulated and as thus was usually too hot to use during the summer and to cold to use during the winter. In addition to the above and due to structural integrality issues of Hovey Lodge, Hovey Lodge either needed over $750,000 in order to stabilize the foundation and make it completely winterized for off season use or it needed to be replaced with a more useable lodge. It was decided to replace Hovey Lodge. The Old Hovey Museum was packed up and placed into storage in the basement of a local bank for many years. Ganeodiyo Lodge also had to move all of its items to storage in various places around camp. All the other stored material in the main part of Hovey Lodge was either salvaged and put into storage on and off camp property or removed with the building when the building was demolished. Sessler Construction donated the time for the demo work and Hovey Lodge was completely demolished by the end of October 2007.

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1 Response to #68) Goodbye Hovey Lodge

  1. lou voit says:

    The thing about the old lodge that stayed with me over the years were all the signs that were posted by the Camp Leader in the early 50s. ie “Many hands make light work” or “Leaders DO” and many more.. I have forgotten the Lead Camp guy but those signs still pop into my head when circumstances arise.

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