#65) Early 2000’s – Memorial Lodge Renovation

It had served first as the handicraft building, then as the trading post and then as the health lodge. By the early 2000’s it was time for a major over haul of the memorial lodge. During the renovations everything was replace except for the roof structure. They were hoping to save the walls but they needed replacement as well. Todd Mill and Peter Heiderich had a major hand in the upgrading. For several years until 2012 the Memorial Lodge boosted a sleeping capacity of 12 people with a bathroom and a little kitchenette. During the summers it served as the sleeping quarters for the Camp Director. The lento outback was also renovated with a nice patio and hardwood flooring and served as the Program Director residence. Currently (2012) the memorial lodge is serving as the museum for Babcock-Hovey’s 75th Anniversary.

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