#62) 1998- Dining Hall Expansion

There were two big projects completed that cumulated the work of the Capital Campaign Drive. The first being the Dining Hall renovations in the fall of 1998 to the spring of 1999. This included a complete rework of the kitchen where the cooler/freezer were made available from the kitchen. A whole new wing went on the back of the kitchen giving a place for various meeting places and currently houses the Campmaster‘s Corp(2012). A handy ice dispenser (large size) and restrooms for our guest were added. The “Coop” on the northern wing of the dining hall was made into additional dining space. The “Coop” use to house kitchen staff and some female staff members on occasion. Lastly the Dining Hall entrance was removed for the expansion of the dining hall to the west. It currently serves as the gazebo welcoming all guest into camp. The Money for the Kitchen Wing renovations was given by Esther B. Garnsey in memory of her mother Esther D. Blake. The “Annex” section was made in memory of Judge Frederick D. Dugan who was an Eagle Scout and the Finger Lakes Council President in 1977-1978. These expansions made it possible to better serve up to 300 people in the dining hall.

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