Did you see that? William Hillcourt

Did you see the iconic Green Bar Bill Signature on the 50th Anniversary Program?

This also wasn’t the first time Green Bar Bill ventured into the Figer Lakes Area.

Here are some pictures from the 1970’s will Green Bar Bill with Arnold Schofield.

William Hillcourt

(August 6, 1900 – November 9, 1992), also popularly known within the Scouting movement as “Green Bar Bill” and “Scoutmaster to the World“, was an influential leader in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization for much of the 20th century, acclaimed as “the foremost influence on development of the Boy Scouting program.” Hillcourt was a prolific writer and teacher in the areas of woodcraft, troop and patrol structure, and training; his written works include three editions of the BSA’s widely circulated official Boy Scout Handbook, with over 12.6 million copies printed, other Scouting-related books and numerous magazine articles. Hillcourt developed and promoted the American adaptation of the Wood Badge program, the premier adult leader training program of Scouting.

For more information check out this website.


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