#49) 1980 Camp Promotions Flyer

Today we share with you the Camp Babcock-Hovey promotions flyer from 1980. There are several promotion flyers from over the years that I will add online sometime, but the reason this one grabbed my attention was there is a map on the back that I have never seen before (Page 4). It is the only map that shows Oneida clearly on the north side of the trail leading to Cherokee, a campfire area in he current Scoutcraft area (2012) and Scoutcraft in the current Staff Area (2012). In the early 1990’s I remember an old decrepit latrine just sitting in the middle of the woods near this old Oneida location. Also the road clearly does not snake down to Cherokee (2012) as it currently does. The road was much farther north than the current road. As you come up from the Sunday Night Campfire (2012) if you see a bunch of old concrete culverts just after you see the entrance to Delaware, you have found part of the old road. Also note that the Trail to Seneca campsite does not travel through the chapel but rather between Mohawk and Onondaga.

I wish one still could go to camp for only $50 a week.

PDF- 1980 – Promotional flyer Camp Babcock Hovey

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