E. Urner Goodman

Remember when we showed that James E. West was only three degrees of separation away from us? Well here is another proof that the theory of six degrees of separation is true? This 1936 brochure shows that E. Urner Goodman visited Finger Lakes Council just prior to the Opening of Camp Babcock Hovey. Think of this. E. Urner Goodman shook hands with Judge Lapham -> Judge Lapham shook hands with Skip -> And Skip shook hands with most of you. That’s only three degrees of separation. Four at most if you never shook hands with Skip. Interesting! I wonder if E. Urner Goodman had any role in the selections of an adequate property to meet the camp needs of Finger Lakes Council during the transition from Camp Tarion to Camp Babcock Hovey?

PDF – 1936 banquet with Goodman


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