#25 The 1950’s

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In 1951 we added our third lean-to site, Mohican (Sunday night campfire 2012). The lean-tos were moved to Cayuga site in 1960. Cayuga had become a Lean-to site in 1954 after high winds took down some 4 man tents in 1953. It was the last year we had 4 man tents and also the last year the Ringling Brothers Barnes and Bialy circus played under the big top as that was lost to the same high winds. Also in 1951, the Ranger’s home was constructed to house our first Ranger, Vern Brown. The initial structure, which has since been enlarged, was $7,500. Mr. Brown would serve as the Ranger for 15 years. Additionally the Ranger’s shop was increased to its present size during this period with the addition of the southern third of the shop.

In 1952 the fire site behind Eagle Lodge was created and during its use as a regular site the legend of the Dying Chieftain came about and was used to open our program as it is basically a fire lighting ceremony. It was staged by the Order of the Arrow.

In 1953 Cherokee site came and in 1958 Algonquin (Current as of 2012). Oneida (SW of Eagle Lodge 2012), Lamoka (Current as of 2012), Baden Powell (Current as of 2012), Dan Beard (Current as of 2012) came in the 1950’s sometime and so did the Winter Cabins (2012) which are originally and sometime still referred to as the Family Cabins. Family members of some summer staff would come live at camp with their loved ones during the summer season and they would stay in these cabins, so came the name Family Cabins.

In 1956, the local Rotary clubs held the first summer camp for handicap youth at Camp Babcock-Hovey that would be latter change its name to Camp ONSEYAWA. It was originally called “Rotary Camp for Handicapped Children“. In 1957, the Geneva Kiwanis Club donated the Nature Lodge, (Nature Lodge 2012). 1959 was also the first year of the CANUSA Mootoree.


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  1. Thanks to Clyde Osborne for additional pictures, Scoutmaster for Troop 74

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