Interesting Fact

Scout Power had a  lot to do with the election of Justice Nathan D. Lapham to fill the seat of former justice Robert F. Thompson. It has been said that because of Justice Nathan D. Lapham support for Scouting he was easily able to defeat the interim incumbent to fill the seat held by Justice Robert F. Thompson.

A little about Robert F. Thompson. There were many men in the forefront of the Scouting movement in the Finger Lakes area. The preeminent moving force behind the early development of the Council, however, was Judge Robert Thomson of Phelps. Judge Thomson, who’s wife was a founder of Girl Scouting, held many Courts of Honor in his own court in Canandaigua, organized jamborees, encouraged leaders and for decades did all manner of good turns for young people. An oak tree outside his former chambers was planted in his honor. When Judge Thomson died in 1937 he requested that all his pall bearers be Eagle Scouts. Troop 39 of Manchester planted the oak tree and placed a plaque on the Court House Lawn in Canandaigua.

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