2015 Events

Alumni Weekend July 17-19th, 2015

Please join us July 17th through the 19th for the annual Babcock Hovey Alumni Association Weekend. This is free to any paid member of the Alumni and their families. You can come spend the weekend at camp for free and not have to do any cheerful service in return. Come for the whole weekend or just for the day on Saturday. If you want to stay the weekend just let Matt Crance know which site or facility you would like to use. The alumni association will be providing a BBQ lunch, but not down at the lake front, all other food that weekend will need to be provided by yourself. On Saturday we will be holding a meeting after lunch to elect new officers and discuss upcoming projects. This meeting is worth attending, you can add your input on how to help camp in the future. Some members are discussing going to Bonavista Golf course during the morning. If you are interested in the golf outing please contact Jay Laitenberger. If you are like me and terrible at golf there are plenty of other things to do at camp. We have geocaching, orienteering, fishing, bouldering wall, and miles of trails around camp for exploring. At lunch we will come back together to enjoy a BBQ and hopefully no rain. In the afternoon the pool will be open to help cool us from the hot summer sun. There are no official dinner plans but there is a kitchen available if you need to cook food or a few places in Ovid to order from. In the evening hours there will be a campfire for us to gather round to share stories and songs. This will be a good time for you and your family and we look forward to sharing this time with you.

Camp Babcock-Hovey Summer Promo Video


For questions or comments,
please contact Justin Kuczma, Vice-President of the Camp Babcock-Hovey Alumni Association.


Jay Laitenberger, President of the Camp Babcock-Hovey Alumni Association. JLaitenberger@gmail.com

6 Responses to Home

  1. David Madison says:

    Here is the link to register for the Babcock-Hovey Alumni day: http://bhalum75.eventbrite.com/

  2. Jim Spawton says:

    Nice jobon the website!

  3. Dennis Macro says:

    Great job of putting this all together. Hope we can get more photos and names One correction—the staff photo is from 1969 not 1968. The staff for 1970 ( no photo available ) is almost exactly the same as 1969.

    Dennis Macro–Camp Director 1968, 1969, and 1970.

  4. Anthony Peter Senecal says:

    I love to be reminded of the years I spent at Babcock-Hovey!!!!!!

  5. Fred Fuhrer says:

    I always looked forward to summer camp. I was a Scout first in troop 57, then in troop 52 in the 60’s. Then in the 70’s I was an Explorer Scout in the early 70’s. Spending time at Babcock Hovey was heaven to me as a young kid. I took every chance to be there, saved my money so that I could go every chance I got to. Winter camp at BH was great, too. Wish I had all the photos I took there of my friends, but they were lost in the many moves my job took me to. Hope the place lasts forever so other kids can enjoy it as I did.

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